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Dec 12, 2018 ... Many people will be visiting a casino this summer, whether on a trip to Vegas, on a cruise ship, or just at a local casino during a "staycation.".

Cruise ship gambling - Slot Fanatics Cruise ship gambling. That ended up getting her two free drinks. She also got an offer for a slightly lower casino rate and $75 in casino cash for our upcoming cruise. While that is "something" it is far below the comps we get for risking/spending the same amount at Coushatta (for example) on a two day trip. Cruise Ship Casinos | Cruise Line Casino Gambling Overview Cruise Ship Casinos. Casino gambling in the United States outside of Las Vegas or Atlantic City used to be limited to cruise ships. Traditionally, the casino could not open until the ship was three miles offshore in international waters. (This limit was set in the last century as the maximum distance that shore-based cannons could fire.)... Do I Have to Pay Taxes on Money Won on a Cruise Ship? | Sapling...

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For example, some of the smaller cruise ships don’t offer gambling opportunities, so look into the more established cruise lines. Disney fans, take note: the one popular cruise line that deliberately leaves casinos out is the Disney Cruise Line, a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company. Cruise secrets: Avoid casinos for poor odds | Travel News ... The odds on a cruise ship are worse than on land, according to cruise web Cruzely. They explained: “The most common rule change you’ll see is blackjack paying 6-to-5 instead of the more usual ...

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As you said in your last excellent post, there is more to a casino trip than gambling. Same on a cruise ship; see a show, get a massage, visit a straw market ashore or go on an excursion and then enjoy the casino. I do most of my gaming on the cruise ships because I love the food, entertainment, amenities and luxury of a cruise ship. Casino Cruises: Luxury Casinos at Sea | Celebrity Cruises Fortunes Casino offers a sophisticated ambiance and a captivating atmosphere that comes alive with plenty of action. Our world-class cruise ship casino rivals the biggest and the best land-based casinos with custom limits, better odds across a variety of games, and a smoke-free environment.

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Just two times in a row, on the 5th and 6th of December, clever Gambler can use the days around the Nikolaus to recharge their own customer account, as the Casino Cruise offers the opportunity to double the 50% per package bonus twice for … Cruise Ship Poker - General Poker - CardsChat I was all ready to play some poker aboard a cruise ship. My dad turned 70 years old and mom had all of the kids together and went on this Free Gambling Cruise Ship Florida Free Gambling Cruise Ship Florida; 22 Jul 2017 .. Victory Casino Cruises - Port Canaveral and Jacksonville. It's a sure bet that you'll have a great time when you set sail on your casino cruise from either Port Canaveral or Jacksonville.